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Aerial Classes


Aerial classes are centered on lifting your own body weight in the air, which builds fitness levels and self-confidence. The classes provide an excellent and fun workout.

Pole Fitness

pole fitness

Pole fitness will assist you in weight-loss, toning, gaining strength and flexibility, and confidence. The class will focus on technique and acrobatic movements on the pole.

Pole Exotic


Pole exotic is a more sensual approach to pole, less strict on technique, and more focused on dance flow and flexibility.

Flexibility Class


These classes focus on building strength in the muscles and increasing flexibility in all areas of the body. Students will learn various active and static techniques to enhance their flexibility.

Aerial Classes


Handstand classes are designed to show you how to perform a handstand, “step-by-step”. Students will develop progressive body control and strength through basic alignment exercises, body tension, and flexible shoulder exercises.

Pole Fitness


Acrobatics is a combination of handstands, tumbling and movements which are great for body conditioning. Classes focus on body conditioning while learning tricks – such as somersaults, flic flacs, handsprings, rolls, jumps etc.

Pole Exotic


Mini CIRK is designed to introduce kids to the world of aerial, acrobatics, handstands and flexibility. These classes are great for kids who are involved in dance, gymnastics and sports and can help them to strengthen flexibility, posture and formation.

Flexibility Class


The Professional Training Programme is offered to all (current and potential) performing artists and teachers of The CIRK. It includes classes that will enhance the skills of the individuals in a multitude of techniques, ranging from conditioning to performance to dance.

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